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Thirst for Knowledge is a ‘science in the pub’ style public seminar series, which brings all disciplines of science to the public in an accessible way. We hold our events at Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar, in order to get away from the lecture halls of the university and meet people in a more relaxed environment, where they can enjoy a beer or coffee while learning something new and engaging with the speaker.
We launched in October 2016, the initiative of an enthusiastic PhD student Kathrine Nielsen and a logistically-inclined Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Carol Bussey, with the support of our Department of Physiology and the University of Otago. We joined forces with the Otago Museum in May 2017, with the addition of the dedicated science communicator Dr Claire Concannon, who brought experience and good craic with her from Ireland. Dr Emmet Power and Bradley Jamieson, emerging scientists from the Department of Physiology, complete the team bringing science to the public.
We want to assist widespread communication of science and love bringing together wonderful, engaging scientists with a wide-ranging audience, from curious children and their parents, the University of Otago Vice-Chancellor, high school science teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, members of the police force and everyone in between.

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