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2018 Programme

The Art of Night: Under the Stars


Sat14 July


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Sold Out



This workshop led by Mark Gee and Paul Le Comte will give you hands on practical experience of astrophotography at a dark sky location.

If you haven’t had any astrophotography experience before, then it’s recommended you do The Art of Night in Theory workshop prior to this one.

We will be setting up the exposure on your camera manually, and practice focusing at night, as well as learning to frame a good composition with the landscape and the stars. You will need a working knowledge of your DLSR or mirrorless camera so you can set your settings manually for this workshop. The minimum requirements to participate in the workshop is: - DLSR or Mirrorless Camera. - Wide angled lens - anywhere between 14 and 24mm is ideal. - Tripod. - Head torch preferably with a red light mode.

Meet at Smails Beach at 7.30pm.

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