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Science in Action Day


Otago Polytechnic

Forth St, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand


Tue10 July


9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
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Our ‘Science in Action’ day is the perfect opportunity for students aged 13-16 years to experience the unique learning environment we offer at Otago Polytechnic, while also exploring the exciting science behind careers we offer in a wide range of our renowned programmes.

Students will start their day with a mihi whakatau, followed by a number of hands-on workshops where our enthusiastic staff will encourage participants to explore how science applies to careers in areas such as health, technology, sport and wellbeing, design and culinary arts by taking part in activities like:

·         Operating a robot

·         Analyse a sports match with sports analytics

·         Fly the latest sports drone

·         Perform CPR on a simulator

·         Information Technology projects including virtual reality, wireless sensors, robotic arms

·         3D Printing and Animation Design

·         Making and launching paper air rockets

·         Interactive food activities

Students will not only enjoy a fun and interactive day, but they will also learn how their science studies at school link directly with a number of careers, empowering them to be able to make informed decisions about what education pathway to take in the future.

All materials will be supplied, and students will enjoy a supplied lunch together to share what they have learnt throughout the day.

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