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Forrester Gallery, Oamaru


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Free - All ages

Our Oceans includes works from artist and scientist collaborations that tackle the complexities of our changing marine environments. The work in Our Oceans is exceptionally diverse, including artwork from a satellite exhibition, made during the 2018 New Zealand International Science Festival. This exhibition includes works tackling large oceanic processes, through to our coastal communities.
The work of 21 artists and 23 scientists from the University of Otago is represented (from Surveying, Anatomy, Chemistry, Botany, Marine Science, Zoology, Te Koronga (Indigenous Science) and Geology), as well as the Cawthron Institute, Landcare Research, NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) and the University of British Columbia. Several national research programmes are represented, including CARIM (Coastal Acidification- Rate, Impacts & Management) and the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge.
As part of its commitment to public outreach, the Sustainable Seas Challenge (http:// sustainableseaschallenge.co.nz) provided partial financial support for the original art works to be created with the view that they would travel in future iterations and exhibitions. This continues to be a long rich journey and we hope it enriches your thoughts and involvement in helping to solve the huge challenges our vital marine world faces.

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