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Enjoy some Fun Science at Moana Pool to celebrate the re-opening of the wave pool! From making tsunamis to exploring the anatomy of a fish. Physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy... We will enjoy all areas of science in the pool! Each day features a different activity that will focus on a particular area of science.
Saturday 4th - Fish in a bottle
Sunday 5th July - Tsunami Science
Monday 6th July - Octopus propulsion
Tuesday 7th July - Rainbows underwater
Wednesday 8th July - Fish communication
Thursday 9th July - Sink or float
Friday 10th July - The weight of water
Saturday 11th July - Breaking surface tension
Sunday 12th July - Water chemistry
All activities will be available every day but the focus at the start of the session each day will be as listed here. Bring your togs and a pair of goggles to fully enjoy the programme.
Price of ticket does not include the cost of entry into Moana Pool. As per Moana Pool rules, children under 10 years must be actively supervised by an adult at all times.
Children must be accompanied by an adult. Registration required for children only.

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