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Moana Pool

60 Littlebourne Rd, Roslyn, Dunedin 9010, New Zealand


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The Fun Science Club is bringing science into Moana Pool every day of the Festival with lots of wacky water experiments for pool visitors to try out.

Become a jellyfish in the wave pool or test friction in the hydro slide; make a tsunami in the diving pool or swim like a dolphin in the lane pool.

Look for the Fun Science flag and join in the action.

Free session but general pool entry applies.

Any enquiries to Kaitlyn Martin:  Kaitlyn.martin@postgrad.otago.ac.nz – 0276598544

Planned daily activities:

Saturday 7 July: Cartesian Bottle Diver 

During this activity, participants will make a Cartesian bottle diver toy and then use this to investigate the concepts of buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure (in simple terms – how pressure changes as you go deeper in a swimming pool). 

Sunday 8 July: Floating and Sinking

Participants will investigate the concepts of buoyancy. They will have to guess which item is more buoyant from the ones we have. When held underwater the items handed out will rise, but some will rise faster than others. 

Monday 9 July: Making Waves

Participants will use their hands to make the most perfect wave. The science of how to make waves will be explained to be able to do so.

Tuesday 10 July: Balloon Octopus

Balloons can be used in swimming pools to illustrate a number of different concepts. For example, by filling them with water and letting them go we can illustrate how a syphon based propulsion system works. That is the way that an octopus uses to swim around underwater. We will be showing this with balloons in the toddler pool and shallow end of the wave pool.

Wednesday 11 July: Water Geysers

Geysers occur when water is pushed out of a surface due to a force applied to the water below that surface. Participants will learn to make the perfect geyser with their hands as we play in the wave pool area.

Thursday 12 July: Sound Underwater
Hear things under water is interesting as sounds travel in a different way underwater compared to through air. Participants will be explained the difference between this two mediums and encouraged to explore the sounds under water as they play in the pool.

Friday 13 July: Swim Like a ...

Participants will hear explanations of how different animals swim underwater and will be encouraged to swim in that way as we play in the wave pool.

Saturday 14 July: Tsunami Making

By filling a balloon with air and bursting them we can show how a tsunami works. Also by using our hands we can cause small tsunami patterns on the water.

Sunday 15 July: Friction Demos

Explore how water affects the friction between two surfaces. We will compare different kinds of clothing materials to do so and speak about drag, resistance and weight of the material when underwater.

The target age group for all actvities is 8 to 12 year olds, but all ages are welcome to participate within the Moana Pool guidelines below.

 Supervision Policy - Swim and Waterslide

o    Caregivers for children under 5 years must be in the water within arm’s reach, and able to physically assist at all times

o    Children under 10 years must be actively supervised by a caregiver. Actively supervised means watching your child at all times and able to provide immediate assistance.

o    Caregivers must be 16 years or older.

5 to 9 year olds will be required to wear a wristband.

Does this apply to the Waterslide?

Yes it does, under 5’s must slide down with an adult, under 10’s have someone actively supervising them at the slide exit pool.

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