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Blue Penguins Pukekura Family Special


Royal Albatross Centre

1260 Harington Point Rd, Harington Point 9077, New Zealand


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Have you met the smallest penguin in the world? Come, meet them, see a wonderful conservation project where penguins thrive in their natural habitat. Learn how we’ve planted 15,000 bushes, built penguin nest boxes and helped our penguin population grow.

After a day at sea, the penguins congregate in groups known as “rafts”. Blue Penguin viewing tours are at dusk when penguins come ashore and make their way to their nests where they feed their chicks or roost. Its magic to see them waddling up the beach!
Our kaitiaki guardianship of the Blue Penguins Pukekura is a joint venture of the Pukekura Trust between The Otago Peninsula Trust and The Korako Karetai Trust. The Trusts work together to ensure protection, conservation and enhancement of the area known as Takiharuru Pilots Beach for the benefit of its flora and fauna, and in particular the kororā (Little Blue Penguin) colony established there.

The colony grows over 10% every year and we're working to RFID chip the whole population so we can learn more and help penguins breed successfully to grow the colony.

Half Price Family Special for the Science Festival $40 Bookings necessary 03 4780499 or reservations@albatross.org.nz 

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