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Aims & Objectives

Our Mission

As a not-for-profit charitable organisation we are here to celebrate and promote education and research in the fields of science, the environment, and technology. We aim to foster awareness of the contributions which scientific, technological, and environmental endeavours make to society with particular emphasis on the excellence of the achievements in these fields attained in New Zealand. The Society, through the events and festivals it stages, is a catalyst to encourage organisations (educational, research, business and community) and individuals to participate in the promotion of their work in science and its applications and contributions to society.


Our Purpose

To celebrate festivals and events on a regular basis in Dunedin which celebrate and promote and raise awareness of the contributions science makes to society.

To celebrate New Zealand's excellence in environmental, scientific and technological education and research within all sectors of the community, with particular interest in the primary, secondary and tertiary education sector.

To enhance the local economy by the promotion of science opportunities, through research and education, available through Otago's tertiary institutions.

To promote and secure the reputation of Dunedin as a venue for conventions, conferences, symposia and other events in the fields of science, technology and the environment.

To promote and disseminate information in relation to scientific technological and environmental research and education, and the events to be held to promote awareness and understanding thereof.