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Core blimey! Water level a surprise

  • 14 Jul 2017

Pupils from Bayfield High School and King’s High School are digging deep to find what lies beneath the flood-prone grounds on which they study.

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Pupils drill for knowledge

  • 27 May 2017

Pupils will analyse data from the sensors and study soil and sedimentary layers from their bore holes to see their composition and compare them to what was known about the historical landscape.

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New Festival Director for NZ International Science Festival

  • 01 Mar 2017

Dan Hendra, the man behind Dunedin’s inaugural Craft Beer and Food Festival and events run by the Otago University Students' Association over the past seven years, has been appointed as the new Director of the New Zealand International Science Festival.

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Women in Science - two evenings with Professor Cynthia Burek

  • 01 Feb 2017

We were thrilled to host Professor Cynthia Burek from Chester University and the Chair of Geoconservation in Dunedin in February. She hosted two talks over two evenings.

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ODT Community Science Awards - winner's announced!

  • 10 Jul 2016

The inaugural ODT Community Science Awards were launched in style on the opening night of the 2016 NZ International Science Festival and we are proud to announce the winners below. The awards were warmly received by the recipients in a memorable night, we statue our science heroes for the incredible work and passion they bring to the industry.

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